Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy 15th Birthday, Ellen!!!

Her favorite color defines her so well!

She is all of those things and so much more!  
 I am so thankful for all of the things we do together: talk about crazy things, stay up late, watch movies, play games, take pictures, go places by ourselves, babysit, and so much more!  She makes me laugh and helps me enjoy the lighter things in life.

Happy birthday, sweet sister!!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Ellen!!! (By the way, that last picture totally describes you) :-D ~Sky

  2. Happy, happy birthday Ellen!! (Sorry it took me so long to comment!! I was so sure I had already done it, but I must have forgotten to post it or something.... :-) )


    1. Oh, whoops, it looks like I DID comment.... I always forget the comments won't show up until they've been moderated.... :-) ~Sky

  3. Happy 15th Birthday, Ellen! -Gracie

  4. HAPPY ( super belated ) BIRTHDAY ELLEN! That last picture describes you marvelously!! The collage is very cute, Hannah! =D
    Jaidyn Elise